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Friday, February 5, 2016

Dyeing recycled yarn

Got a few samples of the yarn for the 2 sewater, enough to play around with dye

Now I am experimenting with dye not nowing how the yarn will appear after dyeing

With the light grey yarn

With the off white yarn

Well it is interesting colors are not the same as indicated on the label

On the right the original color from label
On the left the color with the grey yarn

On the right the original color from label
On the left the color with the off white yarn

Well now let's untangle the unravelled yarn

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2 sweaters into plenty of yarn to unravel, dye and knit again

Went shopping and brough back 2 very large sweaters, none of them I would even wear.

Yes, I don't buy any sweater any more, only if I can reuse the yarn later.
I like to buy sweaters from expensive stores at 80% off and unravel the yarn.

I look for 
- good quality sweaters
- dk weight yarn are my favorite 
- no surger finish, like in this picture otherwise it will be a torture to unravel
- merino blend, 100% is the best but it is hard to find so the highest % is the best

Once you have the right sweater, you just have to find the right threat and pull. 
It will easily separate all parts of the sweater

Once you have your sweater in a few pieces, you can star to unravel
Note thar you usually start to unravel at the top of each pieces not at the ribbing

Little by little make it into a ball

And soon you will a few balls of great yarn

Next we will see how to color, untangle and finally knit it in a new project...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Dec 31, along Pacific Coast Highway...

Time to drive back home, leaving San Diego and taking route 1 from Laguna beach to Oxnard

First stop, a dream comes true, one of my favorite yarn store from NYC 
and I don't have to fly to go there

I couldn't leave without some Liberty!!
Last Christmas gift of 2015

Laguna beach, post card perfect Cali town

Last sunset of 2015 from Manhattan Beach one of my favorite spot

Best New year celebration

Hope this little trip pleased you, I know I had a lot of fun
next won't be until this summer, somewhere new for me...

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dec 30, one last day in San Diego

Enjoying our last day in San Diego

Coronado bridge 

Visiting seaport village and running into new year festivity and mini marathon

Driving along the coast and having lunch in Encinitas

Then a little history

Quiet funky place to visit

One last stop in one of the best Italian area in the US

Sunset on the San Diego bay

Tomorrow is New year eve, time to go home...

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dec 29, San Diego zoo

I have been to the San Diego zoo a dozen time but still my favorite

View of the Balboa park from skyline

Panda life is exhausting but for us too, 
we had to wait in line for hours before seeing them sleeping!!

Bears are my favorites, 
always ready for a great pictures, 
enjoying life in the water and 
a little nap in the sun!!

Hi there, don't be shy!!

Not a diva at all!!

So blasé!!

Not so young any more!!

Always sleepy!!

A last tour in the bird cages

These are just a few of the pictures, there was so much to see!!

Tomorrow last day in San Diego....