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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A beautiful day at the Golden Gate Park

Ready, got your shoes, your outfit, 
let's go hike in the beautiful Golden Gate Park 
for about 6 miles one way and a good 3 hours, at least for me!!

We usually start at the parking lot of the Lands End outlook. It is a good size parking lot so you don't have to struggle on an early morning. Parking is tight in SF and usually expensive!! Not here it is free
You can get maps and info at the visitor center as well as nice bathrooms. 

View of the Sutro bath from the parking lot

First part is along the coast

Lots of stairs up and down to reach the labyrinth

Little by little you can see the bridge closer and closer

A little bit of info on the park

From one park to anotjer you walk through a very beautiful part of San Francisco

Down to Baker Beach

Huge parking lot

View of the Golden Gate from Baker Beach

Then you have 2 options
1. Take the 500 stairs up and down
2. The uper trail along the road

I have done them both and 2. is a lot easier but 1. has a lot better view of the bridge

And finally we arrived at the Golden Gate bridge visitor center where you can rest and have a snack

Fort Mason

Most extraordinary bridge in the world

Back to the parking lot, exhausted but with a beautiful sunset

for more info, 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A little bit of Europe in Mountain View, CA

Another gem fo all European expat in the Bay area

Milk Pail in Mountain View

a little market with great, tasty fruits and vegetables mainly

but also lots of goody much appreciated from European
Acme Bread

they have a few small areas with French products

a bunch of Charcuterie products

walls and walls of great cheeses, 
some you can't find anywhere else and a lot cheaper than Whole Food.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pasta Carbonara

One of my French/Italian favorite

quick and simple

Spaghetti found at local supermarket

diced pancetta from Zanotto's,  Italian grocery store

made a light bechamel with gorgonzola and added an egg

Voila, same delicious taste as is in France.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Renegade Craft Fair, San Francisco, CA

it was another beautiful summer day in San Francisco

they say it is only 23C but believe me it was feeling more like 28C!!

I took the train then the but and walk for 20 minutes to get to this...

Fort Mason is a few old warehouse type of building were military was long time ago
it is located near the Golden Gate Bridge in the Marina.
It is a very ice area to hang out and suck up the sun if you are in san Francisco.

my mission was to visit the Renegade Craft fair
it only take place twice a year (July and December) 
and the July one is usually the more interesting
I had this on my "San Francisco great found" bucket list for a while now.

there is a lot to cover in a few hours but 
I manage to walk around a few times many booths in 2 hours.

it doesn't look very glamorous but it is full of great finds

give it to the local to transform an old trailer into a great display

love love love all the California handmade goodies!!

Fancy idea, I tried the Thai ice tea, it was awesome!!

great ideas, wonderful art craft
cute little packaging
shopping bags from Washington State
lots of dishcloths with fruits
beautiful glass bottles engraved for a great idea for a bar

one of my favorite, cute hats!!

flavored salt and sugar
very cute San Francisco painting
recycled bag packs
very fun hearings 

boat loads of tea, for all the tea lovers

it is really a great art

my favorite flag!!

lots of stuffs I wanted to buy, too many!!

I wanted to make a bumper sticker out of this picture
it would look good on my car, wouldn't it?

ideas for the little one
leggings with dinosaurs 
little flowery coats
very cool dresses
very soft baby blankets
should Henrietta have her own handbag at 18 months?

something to remember for a future trip

a little detour by Union street and "La Boulange"
love that you can dip anything in Nutella for free

we are in San Francisco after all!!