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Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby shower...part 1

The baby will be here soon so in perfect American tradition we had a baby shower.
It was a lot of fun and it gave me the opportunity to knit like there is no tomorrow for one of my very good friend.

So I started with a baby blanket.

All I had, was a skein of Malabrigo worsted in a light gray (606 Frost gray) that I knew my friend would love.


Cast on 71 st, with US9 or 10.5 (depending on how tight you are knitting)

Knit in garter (all knit) for 9 rows

then on wrong side, knit 6, (purl 4, knit 1) 11 times, purl 4, knit 6
on right side, all knit

repeat these 2 rows 40 times

finish with 8 rows of garter st and bind off.

My little tip, for tight knitters or people that want a better finish. 
Do 2 extra short rows of garter every 10 rows for the side border. Garter stitch gauge is shorter that stockinette and like me if you knit tight, it creates a squeezed border
If you are knitting loose you don't need to do it.
Hope it is clearer now 

Also, blocking will make your blanket even and bigger, even a more professional look.

I have added the pattern in a PDF file to download, just click on the image and print/save on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Pour la version francaise c'est part ICI
Enjoy!! Part 2 is coming soon...


  1. What exactly do you mean by 'go and back garter'?

  2. I was going to ask the same thing.

    SassySean on Ravelry

  3. elle est magnifique!!! et dans ma petite valise pour la mater... :) encore un grand merci pour ce beau cadeau!!!

  4. Mmmmhh I love this kind of blanket, I think I am going to knit one for a baby ;-) Thank you for the tute :-)

  5. hi hi hi ah on peut parler français ici oops, chuis nulle je sais :-)

  6. I knitted this blanket using size 10.5 needles and it turned out a very small rectangular shape. Kind of odd...

  7. Anonymous9/25/2011

    For the "go and back garter" I think what she means is that every 10 rows, you do a short row of garter stitch on the border, on each side. In other words, knit across to the edge, then turn and knit the 6 edge stitches, turn and knit the 6 edge stitches to the end of the row, then turn and knit back cross the full width of the blanket as usual. The reason for this is that garter stitch has a different row gauge from stockinette; if you just knit back and forth, the border will be tighter and will be "squizzed" (i.e. squeezed).

  8. Anonymous3/29/2012

    I am still really confused, won't the blanket be a weird shape if you add 6 stitches on either side at every 10 rows? Sorry, not only am I a visual person who needs to see the product to figure it out, but I'm also a complete beginner at knitting.

    1. Anonymous7/06/2013

      With your mind, visualize a tight border around the blanket and a puffed blanket in the middle, not lying flat.

  9. Anonymous4/06/2012

    I love this blanket but I too am confused, could you dumb it down for me?

  10. Anonymous5/03/2012

    What is the finished size. Is it crib size.

  11. Anonymous5/05/2012

    Are you sure it's 71 stitches?? I am working on this and it looks very narrow, even for a baby blanket...

  12. What do you do after the "eleven times"? Not sure because of the way the directions are written.

  13. Anonymous7/02/2013

    how much and what type of wool do you need?

    1. a skein of Malabrigo worsted in a light gray (606 Frost gray)

  14. Anonymous8/27/2013

    what are the measurements of the finished blanket? mine measures just 14 inches across and i have about 5 inches done

  15. Anonymous8/30/2013

    Thank you for a lovely pattern. Is there a way to make a little larger?

  16. Anonymous10/29/2013

    I knitted this for a friend's baby and love the pattern, but would like to make a bigger one for my 4 year old niece. say about 4 feet wide?

    1. to make the blanket bigger

      the repeat is 5 sts, so it you want it larger, just add a multiple of 5 sts until you reach your preferred length.
      the rest remains the same, 6 sts for border on each side, 8 rows for top and bottom border.

  17. Anonymous5/09/2014

    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into the making and sharing of this pattern. I downloaded the PDF to follow, and the blanket I made turned out beautiful. Again thank you!

  18. I added multiples of 10 to get with I wanted. So instead of 71, I did 91. Still little, but would be fine for newborn. Next time I think I will do 111.