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Saturday, September 8, 2012

More of the The story of the "Merlot Buckwheat", aka my new sweater

I am progressing quickly in my knitting. Knitting in the round will do that to you!!
It is time for a new Chapter of the story telling.

Continuing knitting the lower part of the body, thinking I might want to add a few good cm, to cover a little bit more of my lower waist part than the pattern call for. I would hate to have it too short. I found most of my sweater from stores are too short. I must have a longer body than average people.

I am switching yarn of each ball every row and keep it tight. I am pretty happy about it, the switch is barely visible on the wrong side and not visible on the right side.

Starting the waist shape. It is about time!!

Well summer was slow, but suddenly plenty of orders came in and I found myself having to put the sweater aside to complete all new orders. I am finally back on a better schedule and was able to finish the waist shaping and started the front shaping.

Started the front, had to alternated 3 threads to avoid color pooling. I hope now I can finsh it quickly as planned.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11/11/2012

    Is it finished yet? Do you gave a photo of the finished product?