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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unravelling stories (part 1)

I love knitting  with cashmere but it is so expensive that I  can rarely afford to buy some to knit a sweater. 
So I think I might have found a solution to my problem. 

I went shopping for end of the season sales at my local mall and ended up at Banana Republic.
I went (as always) directly into the sales section, trying to find something to wear and 
I ran into a few good things, cashmere sweaters...

Well most of them were either too small, too big or too bulky for California so I started to think differently. 
I couldn't pass on a $30 100% cashmere sweater but couldn't wear it either and suddenly it hits me.
What if I were to unravel the sweater and make a new one for me?
So I did

The first one is a male V-neck sweater, size L which is like a giant for me.
It had some holes in it but the cashmere was super soft and the brown heather color delicious.

It unraveled quite easily, I have to say, you just need to find the right sewing thread.
Quickly I had some small and big balls depending on where the holes were.
It came out as a light fingering weight yarn.

Now, what to do with it?
Sweater, cardigan, ... for me, for the kids?
Do I need to wash it?
Do I need to put it in skeins instead of balls?
I kind of new at it...

...More sweaters to come

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