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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Trip to France, Part 3: Paris will always be Paris

I had just a couple of days to cover Paris, so I did it through shopping from one district to another one

Fron top left
Sacre coeur
Montparnasse mural
Empty subway car
Place Edgar Quinet

A few store display
Knit shop in Montmartre
Chocolat shop in left bank
Atelier Rrose Selavy, learn to knit with Mlle Sophie
L'Oisivethé, great selection of tea and yarn

1. Alice from Juno from L'Oisivethé, pure softness in baby alpaca/silk/cashmere
2. Bias from La Droguerie, my little guilty pleasure
3. Buttons from Tissu reine, 4 floors of fabrics, buttons, ribbons...
4. Bensimon snickers, with liberty laces, a must for all Parisian fashionista this summer!!

1. Voile cotton and batiste from La Droguerie
2. Small pieces of  fabric for 1 euro at a local farmer market
3. Vinyl fabric for bathroom pouch from Cultura
4. the ultimate shopping bag from Bonton, a must!!
5. More little pieces of fabric from farmer market
6. Liberty voile cotton from Entrée des fournisseurs
7. New fabric collection from Frou-frou found at Mercerie Moline
8. Fat quarters of floral prints from Frou-frou found at Mercerie Moline

Some great books and patterns
Motifs et compagnie found at Lil Weasel
Toute la couture found at Japanese bookstore
Aime comme Marie pant pattern found at Lil Weasel too

I couldn't resist for this new collection of "couture facile" from Frou-frou at the Moline mercerie.
This shop is a zoo but if you find the nice lady to help you it is a very nice experience.

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