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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Alpaca Silk Sport Sampling

As I am preparing to test knit a new beautiful pattern "Coquelicot cardigan" from HelEtZel, I felt like using my own hand dye yarn. 

I selected this beautiful Alpaca Silk Sport similar to the yarn recommended 

now which color to dye  ?

I now have about 100 different dye colors in stock, and I have only sample dye on merino wool, BFL, superwash but never on alpaca. So I decided to run a sample dye on all my dyes and see which one would work best.

For this color sampling, I didn't need to heat it up in the microwave.
The vinegar was enough to fix the color to the yarn


First try-out, Crushing Dyes
30 colors
30 sample of 150 cm each

1 smidgen of dye per 100 ml

colors are beautiful and yarn took the dye right away, 
but it is way to dark and some colors like dark grey came out blue not grey.


Second try-out, Crushing Dyes
30 colors
30 sample of 150 cm each

1/2 smidgen of dye per 100 ml

same beautiful colors, but a little softer for some of them, 
I like better that combination so I will apply for rest of the sampling

Crushing dyes dissolves very well in water and color is well absorbed in yarn.

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