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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trip to Eureka, CA

let's get away for the week end, GG is clear, it is going to be hot!!

Went to visit my friend Julia family in Eureka, CA

There is a lot of farm land around Eureka, with lot of cows

they are a giant creamery in Loleta 
they make milk products and cheeses

We found great cheeses, the Fontina was delicious, at the Cheese factory
they also grow locally squash and artichokes
Julia's grand pa makes a great American breakfast with Portuguese sausages (sort of chorizo)

the local attraction is an old victorian village, Ferndale, CA, 
with a huge bridge over some very dry river.
I was told that in 1964 the whole area was devastated by flooding

the town looks like a movie set and it is quiet fun to hang out there

the Mercantile store caught my eyes, there were a lot of little fun stuff and tons of English food

after a few days, 
were were back on 101 also know as Pacific Coast Highway, 
to San Francisco 

we stopped at the Redwood State Park to admire the great tall trees

we could also take pictures standing inside of the giant trees

last pit stop before the city, beautiful Italian restaurant with delicious pizzas

Back home!!

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