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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A beautiful day at the Golden Gate Park

Ready, got your shoes, your outfit, 
let's go hike in the beautiful Golden Gate Park 
for about 6 miles one way and a good 3 hours, at least for me!!

We usually start at the parking lot of the Lands End outlook. It is a good size parking lot so you don't have to struggle on an early morning. Parking is tight in SF and usually expensive!! Not here it is free
You can get maps and info at the visitor center as well as nice bathrooms. 

View of the Sutro bath from the parking lot

First part is along the coast

Lots of stairs up and down to reach the labyrinth

Little by little you can see the bridge closer and closer

A little bit of info on the park

From one park to anotjer you walk through a very beautiful part of San Francisco

Down to Baker Beach

Huge parking lot

View of the Golden Gate from Baker Beach

Then you have 2 options
1. Take the 500 stairs up and down
2. The uper trail along the road

I have done them both and 2. is a lot easier but 1. has a lot better view of the bridge

And finally we arrived at the Golden Gate bridge visitor center where you can rest and have a snack

Fort Mason

Most extraordinary bridge in the world

Back to the parking lot, exhausted but with a beautiful sunset

for more info, 

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