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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Time for a new story, "The blue GRR"

Here we go again, of my favorite. I have been knitting this La Droguerie pattern for many friends in the past (here for example) and it is about time I do one for me .

Chapter 2

Gathered the yarn, except I first picked Berroco Ultra Alpaca as the pattern called for mix of alpaca and mohair but after swatching it is clear it is not going to work!! Way to chunky for me. I looked at my gigantic stash and found a fingering yarn that was a perfect match for the blue kidsilk haze. However, I only have 2 balls of the Alpaca sox and I am afraid I am not going to be able to have a long sleeve cardigan. I am going to stick to a short sleeves like the one in the book. Oh well, winters are mild in California!!

I was playing around so much with yarns that I chose US6 as my best choice for this pattern. I like my garter rows tight. I found a lot of projects for this pattern have large round neck. I will try to make mine a little narrower and I believe tighter garter rows will do it. (Let's hope so!!)

Cast on an extra 10 cm, I am knitting with smaller needle and is afraid it will come shorter. Also La Droguerie pattern tents to size a bit smaller.

Finished the left front. Moving on to the 1st sleeve. Bummer I forgot how to do it, I have to look at the patten again!! One would think that after making a dozen of them I would how to knit one .
I had to stop and frog a large part and now I am annoyed at having to rewind the yarn. It is a mess with the kidsilk. This yarn does not like to be frogged.

Moving on to the back. The good part of that cardigan is that you can hold it next to you and see if it fits right away, adjust if need and make it perfectly sized to your body.

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