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Sunday, May 5, 2013

A little fabric store in Paris

I have dreamt of these fabrics while surfing on the web. Just a few days before my trip to Paris I learnt that France Duval Stalla has opened a store in Paris. 
I am in timing couldn't be more perfect, couldn't it!!

So as soon as I got of the train, that was my first stop.

Cute little front store, 4 Rue du Regard (6th).

Lots of the fabulous fabric with great colors

My favorite the bias with little stars

my little reward
1. Some light pink batiste with butterflies
2. Some grey batiste with little pink stars
3. Some neon pink linen
4. Some light pink batiste with cherries
5. Some prune crepe fabric

and of course some bias with little prune stars for my little star booties...

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