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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The story of the Calligraphy cardigan, Part 1

The adventure started when I wanted a new sweater I could wear on my trip to France. It looked like the winter didn't want to end in Europe and here it was already summer.

Then I had to pick the yarn. I meant to try a new yarn I wasn't familiar with. While looking at yarn choices on Ravelry I ran into Quince Lark. Lucky me someone was selling its stash on Ravelry in a very light grey color that couldn't be more perfect for my project.

And just like that I started my Calligraphy cardigan.

The cardigan was progressing well through my 12 balls of Quince Lark. The junction was great with that yarn, almost invisible. The finish of the yarn is perfect even before blocking.

The pattern is easy to read and fit perfectly. I just had to increase a few rows at armhole because I didn't want the cardigan to be as tight as the picture.

It knitted very fast and soon I was separating body and sleeves. I focused on the body first, leaving sleeves on spare yarn.

I was happy to use my little cutie stitch markers bought at Stitch West from Sweet fibers.

Once the body done, I was quickly down on my 12 skeins and had to reduce the ribbing length by about an inch so I could have enough yarn for long sleeves.

Sleeves were waiting for me nicely while knitting the body. It was time to take care of them!!
Since I had knitted a few more rows at armhole I had a lot more stitches that the pattern counted for.

I had to add more decreases so my sleeves wouldn't look too big on me.
I had to recalcule the whole arm decrease.

I stopped after a couple of inches of the ribbing of the 1st sleeve to make sure I would have enough yarn for the other one.

My favorite part the picking up sts for the underarm. I was able to pick up right at the edge and the finishing is like and invisible seam. I couldn't happier.

That is it for now, more in a few days...STAY TUNE

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