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Friday, May 17, 2013

The story of the Calligraphy cardigan, Part 2

Ok where was I, oh yes the Calligraphy cardigan.

Once I had the body and sleeves done, I had just enough yarn for the border. I started to pick up nicely along each side.

Everything went well and had enough yarn for a nice 4 inch border. 
I made all the buttonholes as indicated but at the end they are a bit big for my buttons. I have a hard time keeping the cardigan stay button up and close!!

Once every part done, it was time to weave all the ends and cut the yarn.

I did quiet a bit of blocking since I wanted a perfect finish, especially around the ribbing.

Overall the cardigan fits perfectly and was perfect for my trip to Europe. But the yarn did not travel well with me and it pilled a lot. oh well, it is wool after all.

I will definitely knit another pattern from Hannah Fettig, I really enjoyed it and had no problem with its writting.
Quince yarn was a good choice. It was inexpensive even with 12 balls.
I like that worsted feeling, warm enough for me and fast to knit.

I wear my Calligraphy cardigan all the time now.

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